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It is every parents wish to provide the best for their child. Working mothers in particular might even start looking for a suitable nanny or babysitter during their confinement period. They will research all possible leads and channels be it from referrals, social media forums on motherhood, Facebook, advertisements and any other viable source. Working mothers understand the urgency of settling all matters to do with their child care before their maternity leave days are over for peace of mind.

Finding the right babysitters or nannies on your own is a time consuming and extremely taxing process. It is not easy finding the time needed for this process given your tight schedule. This could lead you to settle for a freelance confinement nanny or look for domestic maids to babysit your child in Singapore. These options are not ideal as they do not mitigate the various risks involved in such arrangements. You should seek for assistance in well established nanny agencies like Confinement Nanny for their professional services.

Services Offered

Confinement Nanny offers quite a number of reliable baby and mother care services to its clients. It has professional babysitters and confinement nannies who assist new mothers to take care of their newborn babies as they recover. Below are some of the great services offered by this leading nanny agency in Singapore.

Pregnant women are bound to face quite a number of physical changes during their state from weight gains, swelling, bloatness and not forgetting the various changes caused by hormones. There are women who enjoy their pregnancy due to the post natal massages they get from the professionally trained staff from Confinement Nanny. A Postal natal massage is very important as it helps a new mother to recover fast from her surgery and also get rid of all the wind that may be left in her body. The massage could include body wrapping or just plain massage in the comfort of your house. Most mothers who have undergone this massage got fast relief from the many side effects that come with pregnancy as well as child birth. The massage helps them to help restore their body to the condition it was in before they got pregnant.

There are quite a number of benefits that women who have just given birth enjoy from getting these massages.

They include the following;
• an increase in the blood circulation which reduces the stress on their heart thereby keeping blood pressure in check
• Massage helps in easing muscle tightness, stiffness, cramps and tension
• Stabilizing the hormone system
• Relieving backaches, stiff neck, sore feet, edema and sciaticam
• Removal of waste products from the circulatory and lymphatic system to combat fatigue
• Increasing muscle flexibility
• Reducing tension thereby improving better milk production and breastfeeding
• Relaxing muscles which improves sleep
• Speeding up the healing process of the operation or surgery
• Realigning the pelvis after giving birth
• Relieving the stiffness and soreness that is common after birth

At Confinement Nanny, you can get nannies by simply making a phone call or sending an email to the company. The agency will try as much as possible to match a nanny who will suit all your specific needs and requirements. The nannies are professionally trained, highly experienced and certified to offer top class services to you and your new born baby. Confinement nannies usually offer care to both the mother and baby which includes the preparation of healthy confinement meals and soups for the mother. They also take care of the mother and baby’s clothes; prepare special baths for both of them upon request and day care or overnight care of the baby to allow the mother to sleep.

There are some confinement nannies that are knowledgeable enough to offer support and guidance to mothers on the right procedures of mother and newborn care. The nannies usually share experiences with the new mother and highlight the various dos and don’ts for the mothers during the confinement period. This is all aimed at ensuring that the new mother will have regained her health and strength in the right way. They can also offer some other support services like preparing dinner for the husband, do laundry for them upon request and assistance with grocery shopping if needed. They may also offer some basic house care services like clearing and washing of utensils after meals, sweeping and mopping floors twice in a week and also simple cleaning of the washrooms.

This agency offers babysitters to families or couples that require their services on a daily or part-time basis. Babysitters can help you in babysitting your children when you have some important errands to run and you have no one at home to look after them. If both parents work, it is necessary that they leave their children under the care of our well trained babysitters to keep an eye on them. This makes you comfortable and at peace knowing that your child is in good care.

Our agency offers quite a number of babysitting services that are suited to meet the various dynamic needs that parents have back at home with their kids. There are babysitters who are available during daytime, at night, weekends, in hotels, part time, full time and some who babysit at your home and some at their place. The work schedules of both parents mostly determine the kind of arrangement that parents pick for their children.

The benefits associated with hiring babysitters include time saving whereby they help free up some time for the parents to run other errands without risking their children’s lives. The agency guarantees satisfaction for babysitters who do not perform according to the client’s expectations. The babysitters are also well experienced and reliable to ensure that your children receive the best form of care possible. They meet the different demands of your children and match their energy levels when they want to play with them and keep them occupied. The babysitters are advantageous in that they are accommodative to your tight schedule thereby ensuring that you are able to keep your children safe and at the same time meet your obligations at work.

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