Why Choose Us As Your Post Natal Massage Service?

What is postnatal massage?

This is a service that is strictly available for the mums every day from day one up to 40 days after birth. It’s a full body massage that starts from the feet and moving upwards till they get to the head massage. Some of the service provides will either book to come to you once in a day or move in with you so as to help you even with other child chores. The postnatal massage is a soothe process for the new mums and it gradually helps them relax in the midst of bringing a newborn home.

During pregnancy and through childbirth a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes. The childbirth process, though bringing with it a lot of joy and comfort to another is full of pain and a lot of stress. The pain and stress can be too much for a body and may be quite overwhelming. According to researchers, up to 90% of the nerves of a woman are stretched and strained at the time of birth. Each nerve in a woman’s body that is stretched takes its own time to go back to its original position.

Postnatal massages allow a woman to relieve stress. Postnatal massages, like all other kinds of massages done on the human body, helps relieve stress. The masseuse by applying pressure and using specific motions can help reduce stress in joints, according to many studies done about massages; they help reduce the mental stress of a woman by releasing happy hormones that allow the woman to feel less stressed. A woman who is suffering from baby blue will benefit greatly from these massages, as they will reduce stress and depression.

The whole process of childbirth creates a lot of strain on the body of a woman particularly on the areas around the abdomen, hips, lower back and the upper back during breast- feeding. As a person is advised to go for massages after going to the gym, postnatal massages relieve the tension is the muscles. The pain in the muscles is what causes the muscles and joints to ache. Good post natal massage will increase the healing of sore muscles.

The massage helps the body release endorphins in the body that act as painkillers. One may be very sore after the surgery and may feel tired and stressed. The endorphins help reduce the pain in the muscles. This will be highly beneficial to people who have undergone caesarean section. Although while massaging one needs to stay off the wound, massaging helps increase blood flow that is good for internal healing and the endorphins will help you feel less pain and as a result get back to your life’s activities sooner.

The masseuse can help a woman relieve the pressure of milk from her breasts. By applying a small amount of pressure, they will help you release the pressure and stress in the breasts. The stress in the breast is what in most cases causes mastitis. The massage will be helpful in reduce the risk of getting mastitis. The masseuse should be careful because applying too much pressure will be harmful. The woman receiving the massage should also wear breastfeeding bras during the massage because the happy hormone could cause milk to be produced.

Women who undergo cesarean section should be particularly careful in instructing the masseuse. They should not go very close to the healing womb as it could cause problems both now and in future. After five weeks or so, the masseuse will be allowed to do a tissue massage that will help the wounds that are deep under the skin without tampering with the wound. Despite the fact that you need to take care of the wound as long as its not completely healed, post natal massage can as well help in speeding up the healing by just applying a little massage around the wounded area you will be helping the blood flow which in return will ensure quick healing of the wound.

The fact that you have become a mother is not an easy task. When you are at home with your newborn there are so much that you will always have your hands on. However when you take your chances for the postnatal massage, you will have the amble “me time”. This will help you take your time in planning for your child’s needs and even be able to separate them with other household responsibilities. In other instances you may be missing out time to take a nap, this will be the perfect time for you to do so.

It’s difficult to stay away from your newborn for more than an hour, you have so much in mind changing the nappy, washing your child’s dirty clothes and so on,. However, there is always that time after the child has feed and he is finally falling asleep, this sounds like the perfect time for the massage. With good coordination with your masseuse, you can always have this time for the massage.

It may not be easy to always have the masseuse come to your place, if this is the case, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed for the fact that you will leave your child behind. Make sure you have the right time for the massage. Be keen on the appointment period and ensure that you are aware of your child’s nap hours. Alternatively, you can book them for the weekends when there is someone back home to babysit.

Postnatal massage can as well not be fit for all of us, it is always good to check in with your doctor before you schedule or embark on postnatal massage with us. You have to be sure that you are fit and ready to take in something new. However, if you have skin problems as rashes and others you may not be fit for the massage, if you also have blood pressure issues taking slight massage maybe enough for you rather than going for the intense which may trigger your blood pressure to raise.

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