Why Choose Us As Your Confinement Nanny Service?

If you are a soon-to-be mother or a husband based in Singapore and just about to start their parenting journey, you need all the care you can get to make it easier. You have to look for the best trained, reliable and hospital-certified confinement nannies. This will require finding the best and most reliable confinement nanny company to ensure that your newborn baby and mother are in safe hands. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Confinement Nanny as your preferred confinement nanny service provider in Singapore:

Confinement Nanny is fully registered and licensed with the Ministry of Manpower meaning that it operates legally in Singapore. You will enjoy having a peace of mind knowing that your payment will be safe. It is important to avoid risking the health and well being of your child with an unlicensed and illegally operating confinement nanny agency. We have fully satisfied the relevant authorities about our operations and have received the necessary permission to run our agency.

As the leading confinement nanny service agency in Singapore, we have a mission and goal to offer services that go beyond the obvious by offering our clients the best services. Our driving force is the satisfaction of making a huge and real difference in the lives of our clients. In order to offer the best services, we ensure that we take our nannies through a vigorous recruitment exercise in order to get nannies that are in the top cream. The stringent selection and recruitment program is meant to get the nannies that have the right service mindset, kind-hearted and with a good attitude. We ensure that they are great from burping your baby, changing diapers, bathing and also in caring for both the newborn baby and its mother.

We strive hard to ensure that our nannies are truly and fully dedicated, have several years of experience in helping most first time mothers through their confinement period well. We recruit only those who have worked in similar roles before. This ensures that our clients get the personal care and special touch they require during this special and challenging moment. The huge and long running experience is a guarantee that our clients will be receiving the best available care together with their babies. The experienced nannies will spoil you with the highest service standards to free up time for you to enjoy bonding with your bundle of joy.

We also strive hard to ensure that we get all our clients with the best possible matches when it comes to confinement nannies according to your stated personality and needs. Our representatives will assess all your expectations and needs from your confinement nanny first before making a match. This helps in ensuring that you get the best possible match that will be an almost perfect fit to your family. We also make follow ups to see whether you are satisfied with the nanny we provide to you. In case you feel the match is not up to your expectations or needs, you can get another nanny assigned to your family. We are committed to giving you the best in order to make your life easier.

We treasure our clients a lot and treat them as if they are our own family extensions by providing an around the clock kind of accessibility to handle all your requests promptly. We will always strive to get back at you as fast as we possibly can regarding any issues that you may be facing with our confinement nannies. We will ensure that you are fully satisfied with our confinement nannies for a great working relationship together.

At Confinement Nanny, we take pride in helping you take care of your newborn baby and mother with the utmost care they deserve and at times we go over and beyond. Our confinement nannies have a motherly care and love so as to offer your baby the caring and love they deserve. We have also put stringent measures to ensure that we have a top notch quality control by ensuring that all our confinement nannies are healthy to be around your child. We ensure that they undergo medical check-ups annually for HIV and Hepatitis A and B. This helps in certifying them as healthy and physically fit to work as confinement nannies without causing any dangers to the mother and new born child.

Confinement Nanny ensures that all its nannies undergo a thorough professional training program that is in line with the expected industry standards in Singapore. All the nannies are well trained on the proper methods and procedure of hand washing, carrying a baby, bathing a baby, sanitizing baby items and baby hygiene. They are also imparted with the knowledge of confinement herbs and the various do and don’ts during confinement.

They are also professionally trained in order to help them develop the right service mindset and how they are supposed to respond to various possible situations at work. The professional training they undergo assists our confinement nannies to become pleasant and positive members of the households they serve in the course of their service period. After the training period, all the nannies are subjected to an audit by a certified trainer from a trusted body. The company absorbs only the nannies that successfully pass their final tests and get certified to serve our clients.

We appreciate all the positive and negative feedback we get from our clients regarding our nannies and use it to better our standards by training them more. We also ensure that we have coached them properly in order to meet our set standards to ensure that our clients get the best services from them. We reward them for positive feedback and this in turn motivates them to provide the best services to our clients.

Confinement Nanny promise to offer our clients with the most honest, experienced and trained nannies in both post-natal care and hygiene. We are fully committed and devoted to ensure that we offer the best care and love to both mothers and their newborn babies. We promise to find our clients the most suitable nannies at all times to ensure that their expectations are well met by our great confinement nanny service company.

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