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We would like to thank Confinement Nanny Singapore for providing a helping hand during my birth of my child. They are very professional in what they do. Keep up the good work!
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Infographic - Confiement Nanny in Singapore - Trusted confinement nanny, confinement food, babysitting, Post Natal Massage in Singapore

Trusted confinement nanny, confinement food, babysitting, Post Natal Massage in Singapore

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Infographic - Facts on babies - Singapore's leading confinement nanny, confinement food, babysitting, post natal massage agency
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Why choose us as your babysitting, confinement food, post natal massage & confinement nanny agency?
Why Choose Us As Your Babysitting, confinement food & Confinement nanny agency?

After giving birth, a lady infinitely deserves ample time to recuperate from the great strain and stress she has gone through during confinement period. This is especially the case if she is a first time mother, who lacks the necessary experience in these critical matters. Therefore, making the decision to go for the services of a confinement nanny agency can be the wisest you could ever especially if you find yourself in such circumstances.

Most establishments like ours make it a point to retain only experienced nannies who know what they are about. A good number of these nannies have also gone through the pregnancy process, and have been privileged to have their own babies to care for. This definitely signifies they are highly conversant with how to care for a new born baby and their mothers.

All this really boils down to the fact that you can be able to obtain a nanny who can provide personalized care to you and newly born baby. Ideally, most confinement nanny agencies can assign a nanny who can comprehensively assist you for at least the first 28 days after your discharge from hospital. If you need a much more longer period of these services, you can conveniently request for it. Well, without further ado, let us now take a closer look at just exactly what our confinement nanny agency can do for you.

Obtain comprehensive care for both you and your newly born baby

Our agency makes it a primary business to provide highly trained and experienced nannies for their clients. These professionals are more than willing to address virtually all your requirements and those of your baby. When it comes to the care that your newly born baby can obtain, the nanny assigned to you will do all they can to ensure that his or her comfort and well being are guaranteed. This, of course, includes bathing and cleaning them throughout the day. At your request, your confinement nanny will also feed your baby for you at the appropriate times. All this means, you will be able to find sufficient time to totally recuperate and rest at the critical stages of your confinement

Naturally, this would ordinarily be very difficult if you were to do it on your own or had help from a less experienced individual. At the same time, the confinement nanny that is assigned to you will also be available to take care of your laundry. Both yours and those of your newly born child. This can certainly take away a heavy burden off your shoulders in view of delicate confinement state. The nanny will make sure your baby clothing, diapers and other personal effects are always in clean and immaculate condition. Finally, the confinement nanny will it upon herself to run grocery errands for you whenever you require such services. All in all, settling for the services of a confinement nanny agency like ours will make sure that the immediate needs of both and baby can be met during this crucial period of time.

Confinement food

Additionally, we can be able to cater for your confinement food needs. With our extensive experience and expertise in this given field, you can rest assured of accessing nutritious, wholesome and suitable meals to fast track your recovery. By taking the necessary time to contact us in advance, we will deliver to your doorstep dishes which match your dietary preferences. This includes healthy vegetarian food or even lacto ovo vegetarian meals. Generally speaking, most of the reputable companies that offer these invaluable confinement food catering services offer lunch and dinner packages. It will be all up to you to determine the exact duration you wish to use this service.

Access reliable and professional babysitting services

Most of the all-round agencies of this nature, like us can also provide babysitting services if you take the necessary time to request for them. As such, at our establishment, we make it a point to retain a dedicated pool experienced, talented and well trained babysitters. It goes without saying that you can be able to pick the right babysitter for your distinctive needs and inclinations. Therefore, if you and your spouse have to leave your home for work, by opting for these services can be assured that children are in safe and capable hands during your absence.

On the other hand, there are some well organized babysitting firm who can offer ad hoc babysitters if you urgently need to someone to take care of your children. These services can be particularly indispensable if you are going through an emergency or have important things to do quickly. Basically, these ad hoc babysitters can be able to take care of your kids until the exact moment you return home.


As you can see there are numerous instances where you might stand in need of either a confinement nanny or a babysitter. The former can significantly assist during your confinement, by providing the kind of care you and your newly born child will be in serious need of. As for a babysitter, these individual can be able to let you focus on your pressing matters such as working, without having to worry about the safety of your child. So, making the smart decision to enlist the services from our agencies can be the best thing you could ever do. Most particularly if you find yourself in circumstances where you need a confinement nanny after giving birth or you want a babysitter for your children.

On a parting shot, it's important to pass a word caution concerning confinement nanny agencies and babysitting agencies. When selecting the best one for your needs and preferences, settle for those who are fully licensed by the ministry of manpower. This will go a long in making sure that the nannies or babysitters you get are honest, courteous and ready to please in the way they come. It is important to also note that reputable confinement nanny agencies offer totally free nanny replacement if for one reason or the other you are not satisfied with the one assigned to you. Some babysitting agencies can also provide you with replacement, if you are not happy the one assigned to you. Well, you certainly know why you need the services of a confinement nanny agencies that also offers babysitting services.
We Are Specialists In confinement food, post natal massage, confinement nanny & babysitting

We Are Specialists In confinement food, post natal massage, confinement nanny & babysitting

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